Obrryba / MY STORY



One day, when the water was really turbulent and the waves were unusually high, many little fish babies were born and one of them was really different. However nobody minded and everybody liked her very much. The little fish had a great childhood and gradually learned everything a fish needs to know.

The day when they had to leave home was coming near. The night before the big day, the water was turbulent again and the fish, who was so different form the others, had a very strange dream. A beautiful sea fairy came to her and spoke in a quiet voice saying: „ I am colouring your scales yellow to bring people luck. I am colouring your scales red to bring people love. I am colouring your scales blue to bring people health. “ And then there was silence ...

As the sun was rising, the fish woke up and smiled when she remembered her dream ... But then her reflection in the water surface showed her that it had not been just a dream. She realized that from that day on she would stand out even more and have special abilities on top. Suddenly she felt very calm and did not fear leaving home for the big wide world any more. She packed some essentials into a bundle, said goodbye to her family and headed for new adventures